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Case Study: Protect America Blog

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I wrote search engine optimized (SEO) blog posts for a client in the home security niche. Protect America is a home security and surveillance company that assists customers with their residential or business on-premise security solutions, including DIY security systems. The blog posts help generate organic search traffic for the company and inform its customers on select topics trending in the online search category for home security. 

Professional Blogging Service for Security Industry

In addition to Protect America, I also have provided web page copywriting, blog posts, articles, backlinks and SEO content for a number of cyber security companies as well. This includes content about protection from phishing scams, hacking, password protection, two factor authentication, malware removal/scanning and social engineering. 

Protect America, on the other hand, needed content for on premise security solutions for homes and businesses rather than computer hardware and software applications. The majority of their business comes from homeowners that are looking for affordable home security systems and DIY installers. The scope of the content was therefore educational and persuasive, generating leads for the company to provide technical support or product sales to potential customers. 

Blogs and Keyword Searches

Blogs are excellent for SEO, allowing for an unlimited stream of content that is targeted for search trends on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! and targeted keywords are also useful for content in directories, hubs and third party content like YouTube, Yelp, Angie's List, news websites and other publishers. In addition to PPC and AdWords campaigns, you can generate organically generated search results based on what users are looking for. Google Trends, webmaster tools, Google Analytics, various keyword research tools, SEO analyzers and other tools/resources help LMP generate better insights to target specific keywords without constantly bidding on them (like in AdWords). AdSense and other Affiliate partners and publishers are happy to link back to sites with relevant content in our network. 

Get a Blog with Expert Writing Service for SEO

Explore how LMP can assist your business with SEO, professional copywriting, backlink and blogging services. Get to page one on Google organic search results with targeted keyword enriched content relevant to trending search data. Create a content plan and SEO marketing campaign for your business that makes sense, helping you generate more web traffic, leads and new customers. Call 612-460-5851 to get started or to learn more about our process. 

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