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SEO Services

Get quality SEO services for your website from Lawson Media & Publishing in Southern Minnesota. Our local company in Mankato, MN has doing business worldwide since 2011. LMP has provided SEO services for countless companies and organizations over the years. 

Professional SEO Audit and Keyword Research

Every good SEO account for us starts with an audit of the website to see where it stands online in rank and to see what is missing in the overall website - in other words, what can be improved to the site to improve its rank on search engine results pages (not the ads). SEO basically consists of four major factors: content, mechanics, social network sharing and linking. Content should be original, helpful, easy to read/understand and provide context to the topic. The format, keywords, tags, taxonomy and other site attributes should be descriptive, functional and relevant. Your site should load fairly quickly. Content should be promoted on social media in a relevant or practical way. Finally, your content should link to other reputable sites and other reputable sites should link back to your site. 

Expert SEO Copywriting Service

Our team has what it takes to build your web traffic and ranking on search engines. With expert copywriters and editors, your site can be strategically positioned to generate more/better leads, get relevant traffic and convert more users. Whatever your goals are for your business, we can consult with you to produce content that is going to solve those particular problems, catering to your customers' search interests. Our SEO copywriters and editors have years of professional experience in search engine marketing. 

Targeting: Niche, Industry, Topic, Location, Trends

Target your content to laser precision to get the highest quality traffic on the web to your site. Target content by industry or topic niche. LMP has produced content for industries including information technology (IT), cybersecurity, energy, transportation/logistics, food/beverage, magazine/newspaper, video, ecommerce/retail, marketing, finance, cryptocurrency/blockchain, consulting, legal, non-profit, government, education, B2B, ridesharing, automotive, construction, manufacturing, gaming, real estate, media, event/entertainment and other industries.

You can target your content and SEO efforts on location as well, taking advantage of search engines' map technologies. Maps are often used on smartphones and other mobile devices connected to the Internet. Generate leads for your business if you have multiple locations in a specific region or territory. Promote new locations as well. 

Follow industry trends and provide useful content that your customers are already searching for. Become a leader in your field. Let our content experts help you get the message out. Our solutions are ongoing and customizable for your brand, audience, etc. 

Link Power: Backlinks, Networks, Affiliates, Sponsorships, Directories, Ads

What are backlinks, you might ask? Backlinks help search engines such as Google or Bing determine the relevance, popularity and utility of your content to establish your search rank and reputation online. Web traffic is also considered. The more sites that link to you and visa versa, the better (unless of course, these sites are spammy or low quality). LMP has developed a network of digital channels to help provide links with established outlets. This includes some affiliates and sponsorship offerings. Using resources such as directories and ads will drive major traffic, but also categorize your site in a way that can be recognized to users and search engines alike. 

Social Media: Sharing, Brand Advocacy, Consultation, Management, Strategy

Social media can be a tough nut to crack. LMP focuses on creating engaging content that users will enjoy. We consult with experts as well to ensure the most practical and strategic ways to implement social media content and messaging. 

Search engines have updated throughout the years to consider new trends in user behavior such as mobile device use and social networks. Content sharing is an art and science. Let LMP help your company balance the two. 

SEO Mechanics: Format, Tags, Taxonomy, Sitemap, Tools/Resources

Besides writing, linking and sharing, there are some mechanical aspects of your website that need to conform to some standards to allow search engines to rank your content higher. This includes editing alt and image tags, descriptions, titles, sitemap and other key elements. There are heading format nuances to be aware of and structural elements as well. Our experts are well versed in these methods. Trust LMP to update your website's SEO. 

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