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About us

Lawson Media & Publishing and the LMP Store were developed in 2011 by Robert Lawson, a professional journalist and entrepreneur in Mankato and the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

LMP started its humble beginnings with a magazine and several websites. The company began seeing growth in the SEO and media/marketing services sector and has worked with small/midsize businesses as well as top brands and enterprise clients globally. This includes a wide variety of industries such as publishing, web services, IT, cybersecurity, energy, finance, entertainment, non-profit, home improvement, ecommerce, logistics/transportation, marketing, legal, news, retail, social media, food/beverage/hospitality, manufacturing, construction and many others. 

LMP remains committed to media and publishing in both its products and services divisions and makes strategic acquisitions and develops key partnerships to drive growth and success of its enterprise. LMP works closely with other agencies, freelancers and organizations that share strategic goals and leverage one anothers' resources to create further value for clients and the public.