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New Site, New Focus on Ecommerce, Still Expanding on SEO and Publishing

The new LMP Store and Lawson Media & Publishing website is finally here! Away with clutter, poor programming options and lack of ecommerce (we'll get to that in a moment). As always, our core focus in on media and publishing solutions. So here is what the website now speaks to: 

SEO Solutions

LMP has been steadily providing more and more SEO services to busineses and organizations of all types, including energy, technology, B2B, news/media, non-profits, food, manufacturing, retail, ecommerce and many other sectors. This will continue, but now with more clear onboarding and solutions offerings. Our services, process and products are presented in a more easy to interpret design structure. 


With a bit of eCommerce experience already in copywriting and website production, it only makes sense that LMP use the same methods and platforms for its own operations. We can build businesses their own ecommerce operations as well. LMP is also investing in other ecommerce opportunities. 

Media & Publishing

LMP will continue to focus on building its network of publications, resources and platforms and build key relationships and partnerships with other media sources for the most impact on SEO, niche content delivery, revenue opportunities and shared resources. 

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