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Ecommerce Solutions

Build your online store or add on to your existing brick and mobile store. Use social media and other tools to develop the right strategy for your ecommerce store and/or network. Sign up for ecommerce website and hosting plans here and pick one of our setup packages to jump start your new online business. 

Custom Ecommerce Websites and Apps

Build a powerful sales engine for your business, whether you are a local, regional, national or international retailer or a service provider. With ecommerce, a mom-and-pop shop can become a global brand online. With the right tools, expert consultants, technology and premium content, your online business can grow at whatever pace you can set for yourself. Sell anything from used furniture to online training courses. LMP can get your business set up in a very short turnaround time, implementing everything from a fully functional ecommerce website or application for your business to POS systems, digital coupon systems, rewards, customer review tools, SEO, WiFi marketing, cryptocurrency, social media integration, video and more. Contact LMP directly for a quote on a custom ecommerce website or app for your business, brand or organization. 


One of the biggest opportunities in the ecommerce space right now is social media and the growth of social marketplace trends. We have developed a platform that will allow brick and mortar shops and online businesses alike to drive more qualified leads, customers, traffic and sales to their businesses. Learn more about the eSellerSocial platform from LMP

ZoomVillage Community Stores

ZoomVillage is a powerful news and information platform for communities across the world. In the United States alone, there are thousands of users on the ZoomVillage platform either consuming or creating content that is published in the form of online newspapers and community resource/tourism guides. Within each community site on the platform, there is a community store, similar to social media marketplaces. Updates Coming Soon! 


SportsGearOutdoors is an online retailer of sports, outdoors and leisure goods. If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler interested in joining our supply chain and would like to ship your products to our customers, please contact us directly. LMP is looking for dropship and wholesale relationships to expand its SportsGearOutdoors brand. 

Turnkey Online Businesses for Sale or Lease

If you are interested in starting your own business but want something that is ready to start serving customers and only needs to be managed, rather than built from scratch, than perhaps a turnkey online business is for you. Similar to buying a franchise or other small business, this option allows you to purchase the "semi-structural and abstract" components of the business. That is everything you need to get started in whatever industry or niche you select. With from LMP, you can buy a pre-made, unique ecommerce business and online store for sale. You are in control of the business in terms of finding suppliers, selling goods, managing customer service/returns, etc. but you will have the resources needed to hit the ground running. This includes a business model, business plan, unique branded website with custom content and SEO, any additional features installed relevant to niche site and business purchase or lease (leasing also available) agreement. 

Product Description Writing or Ecommerce Copywriting Services

Pay as you go and purchase content in batches or per description at a rate of $0.10 per word or secure a long-term remote copywriter contract with LMP.  Contact LMP directly for long-term copywriter contracts. Purchase product descriptions online directly from LMP or purchase writing services