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Blockchain & NFT

lmp crypto

Welcome to the LMP Chain

Lawson Media & Publishing is entering the world of blockchain in a few different ways going forward. Here are some of the ways LMP is crossing into the web3 and blockchain environment. 

We Accept Crypto Payments we accept crypto payments

LMP has accepted online and digital payments for numerous years and published articles about BitCoin and cryptocurrency in the early days. We adopted crypto payments using various providers including BitPay, Bitcoin Cash Register, Coinbase Commerce and Shopify. This method will expand to include Binance.US, TrustWallet, MetaMask and Unstoppable DomainsCrypto icons created by Dighital - Flaticon

Crypto Website crypto website

We will soon be launching our crypto website to accept crypto payments directly on the blockchain through our custom domain. This domain will have other features to our users, customers, partners and community as well. Crypto wallet icons created by ultimatearm - Flaticon

Token Development token

Prior to being attacked by foreign hacking groups (suspected criminal and governmental), LMP had a thriving group of websites offering news, information and entertainment to public users. Some of our previous services will now move to web3. These are media and publishing projects that have been in development for quite some time prior to the web3 movement. Some never fully launched. The technology has caught up to the ideas for marketplace solutions such as ours. Token icons created by Freepik - Flaticon

Wallets for Our Platforms digital wallet

Our platforms will implement wallets within their design. LMP will also attempt to partner with financial, DeFi and crypto/blockchain services to make payments and flow of digital assets easier for our users. We are currently testing new implementations. Digital wallet icons created by Nhor Phai - Flaticon

NFTs and DApps NFTs and DApps from LMP

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and DApps (decentralized applications) might be the most exciting opportunity for LMP. LMP will utilize current technology and solutions to provide for NFTs and DApps to users in the web3 market. This includes a wide variety of media and publishing related projects and investments and may overlap into other segments of the technologies available. Nft icons created by CKA - Flaticon