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Create and Sell Books in Any Format and Get Published by LMP

Do you need help publishing or printing or your book? Lawson Media & Publishing has a range of solutions to help you get started with publishing ebooks, printed books, audiobooks and multimedia books. We also assist with magazine and newspaper publishing and printing. Sell books online with printing and digital services from LMP. 


Step 1. Create Your Book

Write your manuscript in Microsoft Word. If you need help with editing services, you can hire an editor for your book from Lawson  Media & Publishing. Format your book and create a table of contents with page numbers. Convert to PDF for print version using InDesign or Scribus DTP software. 

Step 2. Create Your Cover

Create an eye-catching and appealing cover for your book. Create one yourself or hire a graphic designer to create a book cover. You can hire LMP or use services like Fivver or Upwork. 

Step 3. Save all Files and/or Create Additional Ones

Remember to package all of your files for print production and have separate files ready for digital versions. Save all images, text files, design files, logos, etc. Additionally, create audio and video files for audiobooks or multimedia to accompany the book. 

Step 4. Upload Files

Upload all of your files to the form below and be sure to fill in all applicable fields. Note whether you are looking just for printing or if you are seeking a publishing contract to sell on LMP channels and distribution as well. 

Step 5. Approval and Production

After paying for the selected package or service for printing or waiting on LMP to approve your content to be published and sold by LMP, you will be notified by email or phone the next steps.