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Case Study: EnerKnol Energy Industry Research Content Editing

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Energy Industry Copywriter SEO Marketing

Lawson Media & Publishing, also known as LMP, has delivered many successful writing and editing projects for clients in a variety of fields. Those looking for expert energy industry writers or content editors can find one here. LMP provides a unique blend of energy industry experience, journalism ethics and professional accuracy needed for organizations, like those of EnerKnol, a former client. 

EnerKnol produced timely information related to production, markets, technology, policy, environment and other issues that impact the energy industry. They needed a professional editor that possessed journalism skills to edit for mechanics such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and proper sentence structure, but also for accuracy, clarity, consistency and readability. Due to the industry jargon and professional niche nature of the content, they also needed an editor aware of the industry, its trends and therefore the publication's voice, tone and authority on the subject matter. 

The company gathered research and reports through its data collection and analysis efforts. The team then compiled the information, research findings and supporting data into a professional newsletter document readable by a paid industry subscriber base. The content therefore needed high quality input and output. EnerKnol hired LMP via the Upwork platform, a great tool to use to manage freelance energy industry writers like Rob Lawson or the LMP Agency. Energy industry SEO Minneapolis is a sought after niche as well, one that LMP can fill with its professional energy copywriting and editing services. Lawson has experience personally in renewable energy (wind, solar and hydroelectric), nuclear and fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas/natural gas). Contact LMP to discuss an SEO project for your energy business, including energy industry SEO Twin Cities. 

EnerKnol is still in operation today and LMP played a part in helping the company to establish content quality standards and high quality output to its audience of executives, investors, journalists and other industry professionals. The information produced by EnerKnol's research team was also high quality and required analytical thinking during editing due to its presentation of infographics, maps, charts, graphs and all of the supported written material, notes and examples provided. This required the job of copywriter, editor, journalist and technical writer/editor for such precision and clarity. After all, the value of the information and its usability were key to the success of EnerKnol. Its customers needed timely and accurate information that was insightful, actionable (useful) and practical to read/view. 

Hire a seasoned pro for your energy company. Hire an expert energy industry SEO MN copywriter. An energy industry copywriter can produce high quality content that rewards your business on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other major search engines, as well as social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Call us at 612-460-5851 or find us on Upwork, Hubstaff or other popular platforms. 

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