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Duluth MN SEO: Hire an Expert Search Copywriter from Lawson Media & Publishing

duluth minnesota seo

Duluth MN SEO

Before hiring a Duluth, MN SEO professional, you must asses your situation. If your team is busting their rears building a top quality product or service, why shouldn't you be noticed? Getting your business to rank number one on Google requires a process known to expert copywriters as search engine optimization, also sometimes called search marketing. 

Local Duluth MN SEO

Why not hire someone with a Duluth background for your local business SEO rather than some corporate cookie cutter outfit? As a resident of Duluth, I loved everything about the community from the largest freshwater lake in the world with the lift bridge, city aquarium, Park Point, great universities/colleges, interesting neighborhoods, rich history/culture, Great Lakes industry and beautiful outdoors alongside grand parks and camping resorts/casinos. What's not to love? The local businesses of the community make the area thrive as a state hot spot for travel and tourism. 

SEO Duluth MN Companies

LMP is not only a local MN SEO agency, but one with regional, national and international experience. I have personally worked with top brands, some with Minnesota roots. These publications, companies, organizations and brands include Northwest Airlines (now Delta), Best Buy (ecommerce), Thomson Reuters, Western Digital,, Business Insider, Venture Beat, StubHub, Protect America, United Way Worldwide, EnerKnol, FoodNiche, Popular Mechanics, Tech Times, IBM, AOL, Golden Media, Demand Media, Frackle Media/Guardian Liberty Voice, Legal Newsline, Tapout Fitness, NHance Cabinets, Digital Journal and many others. Local clients and small businesses that hired LMP for MN SEO include Star Trailer Sales, Renee's Limousines, Augabout Consulting, Offices4U, Luther Automotive, A & T Auto Repair, Total Security of Southern Minnesota, Heart Cards International, Miller Motors and many others. If you are searching for an SEO agency in Duluth, MN, call 612-460-5851 to see if LMP might be the best choice to rank your business higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

MN Digital Media and Publishing

LMP has the benefit of working in the media and publishing industry and understands digital trends. Whether its video, social media or search marketing, find the ultimate Duluth, MN SEO firm with verifiable results at Lawson Media & Publishing. Our work includes Rochester, MN SEO as well as Mankato, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, St. Cloud, Albert Lea/Austin and other parts of Minnesota. Our local services includes powerful backlinks from publishers in our network. Call 612-460-5851 to discuss a project. 


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