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Southern Minnesota Marketing, Media and Publishing

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SOUTHERN MINNESOTA -- Lawson Media & Publishing provides premium services for the public, media organizations, small and midsize businesses and non profit organizations. The variety of services in our niche offerings is outlined in this blog to make it easier for our customers to understand what we do and how we do it. Take some time to take a look at each offering to see if the services and products we develop are of interest to you or your organization. 

Local Business Marketing

Marketing in Southern Minnesota is a highly competitive, fragmented and saturated market. This landscape is confusing for the customer seeking marketing information, media and publishing services. We find it best to consult personally with our clients to find the best solution even if it's not in our own in-house program. We are positioned for managed services as much as we are for providing our own. LMP has cultivated a powerful network of resources available to provide solutions to our clients, agency partners and offerings. We continue to cultivate these resources to help our business, our partners, the public and our customers. We can help your local business in Southern MN with the following marketing services: 

  • Websites, apps, directory listings and social media channels
  • Technology and IT solutions such as CRM, email marketing tools, cloud storage or computing, WiFi/MiFi setup, Google Workspace setup, etc.
  • Writing/editing including website copywriting, ad copy, social posts, blogs, articles, press releases, sales copy, SEO editing, news writing, newsletters, internal/external communications and broadcast/print/digital marketing content
  • News contact list building and press release distribution
  • SEO and ranking services
  • Link building and marketplace
  • Local dedicated business news platform and publishing partner network
  • Ad networks and PPM/PPC services
  • Google tools: GoogleMyBusiness, Trends, Cloud, Ads, Console, Shopping, Play Store, etc.

Call 612-460-5851 for a Minnesota digital marketing free consultation. 

Media in Southern Minnesota

MN media companies

Photo by Redrecords ©️ from Pexels

Lawson Media & Publishing, or LMP, is a local media company in Southern MN, an hour south of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) metro area and an hour west of the Rochester, MN metro area ("Med City" home of Mayo Clinic) in the Mankato area. Southern Minnesota stretches from Worthington, Windom, Jackson, Marshall, St. James, Madelia, Redwood Falls and Fairmont areas to Winona, Zumbrota, Albert Lea, Austin, Owatonna, Faribault, Northfield, Blue Earth and Redwing. There are countless rural, small town, small city and suburban communities in Minnesota. The Twin Cities represents nearly 4 million residents alone. Other communities range from hundreds or a few thousand up to tens of thousands or 100,000 or more residents in their market. Within this region, there are newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcast stations, websites, directories, apps, shoppers, local visitor guides, billboards, indoor/outdoor advertising, electronic screens, computer and wireless networks, newsletters, events, journals, maps, organizations, YouTube channels, social media pages/groups, industry/trade publications, promoters, venues, ad agencies, creative groups, recording studios, art galleries, blockchain programmers, software developers and entertainment providers. Filmmakers are offered tax incentive to produce movies in our state as well. 

Lawson Media & Publishing built its business on the convergence of tech and media and has its roots in community alignment. LMP operates in some distinctively decentralized ways. Silo media will simply have a difficult time scaling in the 21st century. Here are some examples of how LMP works within its own centralized system of organization to interact among a network of other professionals in a decentralized manner. 

  • Networking with professionals who provide freelance or B2B services and products useful to our customers and who receive services, referrals and projects
  • Working in circles vs. pyramids - ecosystems are sustainable and profitable, while structural ladders have a top limit and fewer benefactors
  • LMP provides services and manages the services others provide using resources where they are best allocated
  • Open partnerships
  • Community input, contributions, feedback and monetization

Call 612-460-5851 for a free media consultation. We are interested in producing, distributing, contributing to or offering services to projects in journalism, information sharing, blockchain, news stories, digital media, unique perspectives, helpful business products/services and other ways to enhance the world we live in. 

Publishing Products and Services

When it comes to publishing, LMP has two divisions: products and services.


Our products are public and business offerings in information, news, entertainment, technology and media. This includes publishing platforms, ad networks, freelance networks, PR networks, information networks, print/digital/broadcast/social/multimedia publications, video, audio, software and digital tokens. We work on newspapers, magazines, websites, apps, newsletters, streaming platforms, podcasts, directories, blogs, social media pages, books, ebooks and events. 


Our services, including 3rd party managed services, include a range of consulting, production and strategy in the following categories:

  • Writing/editing
  • SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Journalism
  • Media distribution and management
  • Event planning
  • Desktop publishing
  • Printing, layout and design
  • Ecommerce
  • Social media
  • Media outreach
  • Agency partnership
  • News outlet partnership
  • Apps and websites
  • Blockchain

We work with producers, news directors, talent directors/agents, small businesses, non profits, corporations, freelancers, agencies, advertisers, marketers, IT professionals, influencers, artists/designers, promoters, public relations firms, information providers, analytics specialists, other publishers/media companies and journalists. Partner with us. 

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