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Generate Professional News Releases with Press Release Writing Service

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Generate press releases for your business by working with Lawson Media & Publishing or purchasing one of our PR packs. Lawson Media & Publishing can assist with news/media releases for small businesses, brands, public relations liaisons/agencies, marketing teams and media outlets. Get coverage for industry/business news, events, mergers/acquisitions, partnerships, milestones, new products/services and more. 

Digital Marketing and News Content

Start compiling news about your business for your blog. Create external distribution with press release writing and distribution services from Lawson Media & Publishing. Click here for Digital Marketing services from LMP. 

Work with a professional content marketer with years of journalism, press, media and news experience. Choose to hire your expert on our website or choose from a variety of platforms. For example, you can hire Robert Lawson or LMP on Upwork or HubStaff

Press Release Writing for Businesses

One of the best ways to generate buzz or trending on social media, YouTube, news media, Google, etc. is to create official news about your business. Reach industry leaders, colleagues, consumers, general public, other businesses, experts, decision makers, enthusiasts and advocates.

News organizations including newspapers, websites, mobile apps, magazines, podcasts, YouTube/streaming news channels, television stations and radio stations are always looking for news to publish. Also consider that industry niche sites, journals, trade papers and enthusiast channels, including social media, keep their audiences informed this way too. 

Building Backlinks with Press Releases

Our PR distribution and writing service helps to build backlinks as well. Most, if not all, of these organizations have websites and they frequently place organic links to related content. Our press releases include all links to ensure proper SEO for your business, unique and journalistic quality and relevance to content. 

LMP has built a network of tools, resources and contacts in communications, media and publishing. Get your own specific email lists compiled to distribute content about your business with our press release writing and distribution service. These publishers, editors, journalists and bloggers will help power your links and brand through social media, articles, blog posts, email and web traffic. All this adds to your company's reputation, domain authority and quality backlinks. Rank higher in Google and stay in the news stream to generate leads and further business objectives. 

You Write Them or Hire a Press Release Writer from LMP

Our company is service and solution focused so we are flexible enough to meet your needs. If you choose to write your own press releases in house but are simply seeking someone to assist getting them distributed, published and put into the news stream, get started by contacting us by phone or via Upwork or HubStaff (see links above). 

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