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Sports and Outdoors Niche Turnkey Ecommerce Website for Sale

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UNITED STATES (LMP) -- Become the owner of a sports and outdoors niche website business that sells a variety of products and includes a section for consulting. The website business is being sold by Lawson Media & Publishing, to be bought out of the box. 

turnkey business ecommerce website for sale

Turnkey Website Business for Sale

This business comes preloaded with everything anyone would need to get started selling and earning money. It only requires an owner. Here are the features of the website:

  • Affiliate ads and products
  • Dropshipping apps and suppliers
  • Customized brand and domain
  • Multi sales channel Integrations with Facebook Marketplace, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart and eBay
  • Sell your own existing inventory if you have it or develop more supplier relationships, some leads on this are available
  • intuitive admin dashboard and customer profile sections
  • Fully customizable
  • Video content
  • Create product buttons to sell on other websites/apps
  • Existing Facebook page and for sale group
  • Easy payment integrations and POS, PayPal, etc.

Start selling products by buying a website pre-built with SEO, content, products, ads, business plan, brand, niche and tools all pre-made into a website for you. See the sale here. The site has fast loading speed time and is optimized for all devices.

buy an online sports and fitness business 

Access Developers if You Want Further Customization

One of the benefits to owning a pre-built turnkey website business like this is you get access to website and app developers that can consult with you to upgrade or maintain your website. LMP can provide SEO and content as needed as well. The website is built on existing Liquid code and a template modified for the specs of the site's branding.

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Monetizing Your New Ecommerce Business

There are several ways to make money and monetize this business and continue bringing in revenue. The site has even sold products without advertising already.The website is currently live online. Here are the ways it is set up to be monetized:

  • Dropshipping products in sports, outdoors and recreation products niche
  • Selling your own inventory of physical products, same niche
  • Sell new and used equipment
  • Create ads (Facebook, etc), PPC (Google Shopping) and SEO campaigns (LMP) to target traffic to the site
  • Affiliate links, products and ads in the same niche
  • Consulting on adventure travel and recreation packages
  • Create box subscriptions with sports and outdoors products
  • Create live events and sell tickets and sponsorships
  • Create sports and outdoors media content for ad and sponsor revenue
  • Partner with schools, athletics organizations, etc. 
  • Create a product catalog to mail/email/share

start a sports and fitness business online

LMP can provide help with several of the media, publishing and marketing efforts as needed or on an ongoing consultant basis for contract. 

outdoors business for sale

See the website here

 fully branded website business with existing sales

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