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How to Buy BitCoin: This Cryptocurrency Could Hit $50K in 2021

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MANKATO, MN -- Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP) is a small Mankato MN SEO company that has worked remotely for many years already, even worked in office shares and an office cooperative at one time in St. Peter, just south of the Twin Cities, working even in print media and printing services. The company continues to evolve within the digital space. BitCoin, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) has appealed to LMP from the start with a similar mode of business economics and entrepreneurial lifestyle culture that innovates, disrupts and breaks barriers. We currently accept cryptocurrency payments for SEO, copywriting, editing, journalism, research, media, technology and content services rendered globally secured via BitPay between our clients. You might want to give crypto a try since analysts see BitCoin reaching $50,000. Miners are making millions per hour, according to other recent reports. 

LMP Accepts BitCoin Payments for Media, Publishing and Tech Services

As a communications company, publisher and technology professional services business in Minnesota, we work with clients globally, even using platforms such as Upwork, which has seen tremendous growth since the COVID-19 pandemic. Payments and security are always a top priority and we have been around since the days of Elance and before that! Currently, LMP partners with an advertising agency in Rochester, MN to provide local retailers and restaurants with contactless payments, POS systems, digital coupons/rewards, reputation management, social media, websites, digital menus, online ordering systems and more. LMP is currently entering into the crypto payments space in addition to platforms with escrow like Upwork, HubStaff and PayPal and Square have recently adopted BitCoin into their support ecosystem. 

How to Get Started Buying BitCoin

Buying and selling BitCoin is really easy, even with regulations in the United States. If you are in other countries it is likely even easier to work with cryptocurrency and you might already be using it!

Start Here: Get a BitCoin Wallet at Coinbase Trading App

The first thing you need to start with cryptocurrency is a wallet. Some wallets also feature an exchange. Other services require to use your own separate wallet from the exchange. Crypto and DeFi tokens trade like currency pairs. The easiest app to get started with is Coinbase. Click the link to download the app or create your account online on a computer. You can check the markets just like stock market trading on Robinhood and buy, sell or convert pairs in addition to wallet storage.

How to Get BitCoin Free

Watch 2-minute videos and answer easy questions about how DeFi tokens, platforms and cryptocurrencies work. There is a whole cryptocurrency community involved in shaping the future of finance, commerce, culture and technology. Join the renaissance. See the below screenshot for a sneak peak at how Coinbase courses pay you cryptocurrency for learning how they work. There is literally no catch. Just sign up using the link above, watch the videos and earn free cryptocurrency and DeFi tokens. 

Free cryptocurrency at Coinbase

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