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Ecommerce Website Setup Enterprise

Ecommerce Website Setup Enterprise


This is our enterprise package. Use our ecommerce website enterprise service to get a fully featured ecommerce website setup. Get a website with even more user accounts and all the advanced features needed to get started building and scaling your online business. Accept all major types of payments including debit/credit card processing, PayPal and even cryptocurrencies. Build your online super store with the following features. 


Your ecommerce online business website will include the following features: 

  1.  Fully functional ecommerce website
  2. One user account
  3. Included blog setup
  4. Create unlimited products
  5. Up to 15 staff accounts
  6. Dedicated support
  7. Sell on marketplaces and social media
  8. Manual order creation capability
  9. Create discount codes for your products
  10. Free SSL certificate
  11. Abandoned cart recovery
  12. One domain URL
  13. Themed to your brand and logo
  14. Affordable $300 per month account hosting
  15. Gift card capability
  16. Professional reports plus advanced report building
  17. Even better shipping discounts
  18. Even better credit card processing rates and lower fees
  19. More POS features including register shifts, hardware support, unlimited staff PINs and up to 8 store locations
  20. Third party calculated shipping rates

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