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Zoom Village CMS System

The powerful Zoom Village CMS for news publishing includes events, places, reviews, advertising sales, monetization and ecommerce features. Create a newspaper, magazine, classifieds, advertising system, information hub, tourism guide, community store and review platform in any city around the world, all from one CMS platform called ZoomVillage. 


Apply to become part of the LMP content and media network as a third party and share in revenue from advertisers via backlinks, display ads, videos, press releases and more. 


Apply to become a member of the Indpendent Forum Review's journalist, information, media and publishing network. There are opportunities of all kinds including monetizing video, photo, illustration, graphic, infographic and multimedia content; original stories, reporting, analysis, data services and other text content; and affiliate/reseller programs. 

The Drug War Times

Become an affiliate or partner with the the Drug War Times to help get the most up-to-date and reliable information on the entire ecosystem of drugs, both legal and illegal. 

Small Business Gazette

Become and affiliate or partner with the Small Business Gazette, an online news service covering small business, entrepreneur and self employment issues.