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SEO Case Study: Renee's Limousines

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Renee's Limousines, formerly Renee's Royal Valet - Limousines, Coaches and Trolleys, sought help with their SEO campaign from Lawson Media & Publishing in 2016. For the next two years, the business was able to start dominating the top search results for organic search terms in their niche. 

Terms such as "Minneapolis Limousines" or "Minneapolis Limousine Companies" will result in their homepage being at the top of organic first page search results. 

What is "Organic" Search? 

Organic means the search results are naturally ranked based on the content of the site and link power of the domain, along with other factors shown to improve rank on the Google algorithm. The web crawlers favor posts on their blog, the site content of their web pages and the inbound and outbound links built from directories, other sources, etc. It also possesses the right keyword density for search terms and content is relevant to what people search for in those terms. 

Why is Organic Search Important? 

Renee's Limousines ranks powerful for the reasons stated above, but the company spends less on paid search and paid advertising than it had when it began SEO services from LMP. Why? Organic search results are more reputable. Think about it: would you prefer natural content that is useful to your search terms keyed, or would you rather be confronted by paid content? W

What's the Difference Between Paid and Organic Search? 

In terms of technical differences, paid content is the content that is marked "sponsored" or "ad" and therefore, the users will know the difference. Users tend to prefer organic content. They will still click on paid ads or sponsored content in search results, so don't completely abandon PPC, ad networks or AdWords. Paid ads and search are those results that typically appear at the top before the ten unpaid search results that appear in the feed of links on Google and other search engines. Renee's Limousines learned how to dominate search results for hundreds of search terms related to their industry without having to outbid other advertisers. This has given them better search rank for more terms, resulting in more traffic and leads than their competitors. 

Try for Yourself

Try yourself and search for multiple terms related to limousines in the Twin Cities and you will see many links and sources related to Renee's Limousines. Their competitors will also display in search, but Renee's Limousines is clearly dominant. 

About the Business

Renee's Limousines is a premium transportation company in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area in Minnesota. The provide airport limos, business limousines, limo and coach bus tours, trolley rentals in the Twin Cities and other services related to transportation. 


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