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Advertise in the Nicollet County Ledger Newspaper

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South Central News & Media LLC was founded by Robert Lawson. The company created and branded the Nicollet County Ledger newspaper. Here are some more details about the business. 

South Central & Southern Minnesota News

South Central News & Media publishes news from Southern Minnesota, more specifically in the South Central region. The company's first publication was after the acquisition of a weekly newspaper called the Ledger. The newspaper grew in readership and expanded its coverage area. 

Nicollet County Newspaper

The Nicollet County Ledger covers all of Nicollet County and some people, stories and sponsors nearby that are relevant to the subscribers and readers in the community. The newspaper has a more than 125-year-old history in the community. 

Advertising in Print and Digital Formats

The newspaper features rich local content from the community and presents it in both print and digital formats. The platform has a digital e-edition and there are news stories posted on the Nicollet County Ledger website as well. The digital edition includes all of the same ads and content as the print edition but also includes other features, like social media integration. The newspaper also has a Facebook page. Users can subscribe to the digital or print edition annually, or purchase single copies online or at local newsstand locations. The digital edition is 25 percent off the print newsstand price. Contact us if you'd like to consult on advertising in the Ledger.