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Case Study: Press Releases, Articles, Blogs and Backlinks

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press releases and seo for food businesses

Businesses often need specific content published on the Internet from outside sources to generate more awareness of their company or brand. Submitting articles, guest blog posts and press releases is one great way to do that. For startups like, this is essential to growing a brand online. 

Building Community with Content wanted to build a community online of foodies including chefs, restaurateurs, food brands, nutrition/health specialists and food enthusiasts. To do so, the company enlisted the help of Lawson Media & Publishing via the UpWork platform. Their request was to publish articles, guest blog posts and send out press releases to editors and publishers within a custom list developed by LMP. The company was able to boost their search rank, their brand awareness and create more buzz for events they hosted at specific locations in the United States. Their ultimate goal, as a food-focused social media startup, was to create more awareness of their service so they could build a community of like-minded professionals and consumers alike. They have achieved a great deal of success since. 

Press Releases

Press releases were integral to helping build the community. Publications such as Digital Trends and others helped build the awareness of their events, services and philosophy. was trying to solve a problem. They wanted to create a community that was also a resource for people looking for specific answers to questions regarding food, nutrition, diet and health. The founder came up with the idea after tedious searches for health and diet information for her father, who had specific dietary requirements. The press releases generated by LMP allowed the company to target specific audiences that included news, health, food and technology since the company intersected across these niche topics. 

SEO and Social Media

SEO and social media are intricately connected and help build the rank of websites. Through the links built from press releases, articles and guest posts on niche blogs, was able to also improve the rank of their site in search engines and use content generated by LMP to use on their own site as well. All of this content generated became trendy across social media platforms and shared across various channels. Not only was and LMP posting content across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, but other publishers were sharing their links as well. All of this sharing helped bring the startup better search rank and trending content on social media. 

About is a social network that helps connect food and health experts with consumers. It also helps establish connections between their audience and food or health related brands. The company is based on the east coast of the United States.