What is SEO and How Can it Help My Business Grow?

  • Posted on: 8 December 2015
  • By: LMP
Desktop Search Engine Market Share in November 2013 (based on NetApplications)

SEO (search engine optimization) is an obscure but effective form of marketing and advertising that is yielding real-time results for businesses. From small and midsize businesses to fortune 1000 and 500 enterprises, it is a form of marketing, content development and lead generation that is likely more effective than any other kind of digital advertising or marketing.

SEO is not just for big companies
SEO is not exclusively used by big organizations, as many smaller business owners often believe. Small business owners also often believe that they can't compete online with larger chains or larger companies because their marketing budgets are slim and trim and they believe corporations are spending more capital to smudge them out. This is actually not the case, or at least not the whole story. There are many small business owners optimizing their websites and are gaining leads and customers over the long-term employing SEO techniques and strategies of some kind. You just have to find an expert. The right expert at the right price can be hard to find but not impossible. You must look at the work the provider has done for other clients. Rob Lawson, founder of LMP, has provided contract SEO services for many large established organizations including Thomson Reuters, Best Buy, Western Digital, IBM, Fortis, Popular Mechanics (Hearst) and several others. He also worked in the news industry for several years. Lawson brought with him a solid understanding of media production, information technology trends and digital marketing via SEO and social media.

SEO is about people, content and technology - in that order
There are several layers to SEO, but each layer is merely a consideration of three things:
1. People (users[customers]/administrators[business or IT])
2. content (blogs, social media, website, mobile presence, digital ads, links, etc.)
3. technology (search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. and IT management).

Within this triage, there are elements that need to be harnessed and configured. Those elements include html tags, page descriptions, images, URLs, meta information, content management, navigation, keyword density and user design. User design considers UI (user interaction) or UX (user experience). Social media relevance is also important, as are back links from authoritative sources and websites online. The key is to consistently develop useful content that is relevant to people's interests and for Google's web crawlers to access. This will get your business to the top of the search results faster, if you keep the people, the content and the technology in mind when developing your strategy.

SEO, like business, evolves
SEO has evolved right along with the consumer behaviors that drive business and everyday life and the algorithms created by Google and Bing to make search more relevant for both consumers and businesses. Advanced search tools let users across the globe zero in on products they are specifically looking for and local search results yield useful results for people in your community looking for services or places to buy certain products. The former tactics for SEO were more heavily emphasized on keywords and text, while the SEO of today focuses on a range of data previously mentioned. The algorithms are designed to provide not only the best contextual information, but also the best user experience. This includes everything from design to the markup code used to create your website. Links and social media are also very important but they are analyzed by crawlers to rank information based on utility, context and user behavior. Are the links relevant? Are they coming from a reputable source? This is what drives modern SEO.

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