Turn Your Corporate Culture into Community Culture

  • Posted on: 17 November 2014
  • By: LMP
Jimmy Johns employees having fun making sandwiches

Corporate Culture. Its become a well-known phrase in the business community. Business community. Its become a well-known phrase in the publishing industry. We are always turning catchphrases, but why don't we try turning the catchphrase into something meaningful. Turn corporate culture into community culture.

Community culture simply means that you encourage a sense of community and belonging, a place where everyone wants to help one another to succeed and reach their goals. People typically spend 8-10 hours at their job or career nearly every day for a large chunk of their lifetime. Work, thus, is a major part of life. It shouldn't be dreaded so much by so many. It should be a pleasant experience most of the time. If it isn't, people won't be as happy in life, which is about 1/3 or more made up of their job. Think about that for a while.

The way to turn that attitude of despair into motivation is to build a community out of your corporate culture. People should want to wake up and rush to work in the morning (or whatever shift they work). This is the purest way to motivate employees and create invested members of a real team. This works even with large enterprises with thousands of employees.

How? Here are a few ways:

1. Encourage teams to get to know each other through various team building exercises
2. Hold weekly meetings, seminars or create a department to specifically deal with employee questions and training
3. Value new ideas, even from new hires, and be open to new ways of working
4. Collaborate always. Don't divide everyone up so rigidly. Even though personnel work in different departments or disciplines, all have to be invested in the same cause so everyone has much to offer each other.
5. Forge community principles into your business model and practices whenever possible to ensure advocacy from invested members and new customers. Remember that people talk.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Johns LLC, Creative Commons, WikiMedia.

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