Southern MN Graphic Design for Your Business with Custom Media

  • Posted on: 28 May 2016
  • By: LMP
Freelance Poole Logo Designed by LMP in Sumopaint. Freelance Poole coming soon for graphic designers and small businesses.

Do you need some quality graphic design for your Southern MN business? Do you need a freelance graphic designer or custom dedicated team? We can manage your design project from start to finish.

We are a custom print and digital media production and design service that networks with freelancers globally and locally to provide the best quality work on deadline for small businesses. We have partners like Rosi Back Designs, Augabout Consulting, IM Designs and others that can help with web design for desktop and mobile sites, print media like mailers and ads, brochures and sales/marketing packages, infographics, product labels, logos, t-shirts, business cards, brand assets, photo editing/photography, vector art, UX/UI, page layout, signs and custom graphics for businesses and industries of all shapes, sizes, cultures and strategies.

We develop design standards and images for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and your website or app. We also develop graphic design for print media like flyers, posters, magazines, brochures, labels and other printing. We can design and produce custom banner signs and other signs for your business in Minnesota.

We can help with Drupal and WordPress themes and with images for sites in Dreamweaver and other content management system (CMS) platforms. We can develop logos for video overlays for your YouTube channel to increase awareness, reputation and brand marketing performance with video marketing.

We have branded websites, mobile apps, magazines, ads, posters, signs, graphics, logos, social media and YouTube channels for Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture, A & T Auto Repair and Used Auto Sales, Minnesota Brawlers semi pro NEFL football team, Mankato Event Center, Mankato Comedy, Family History Report and countless others both locally and geographically distant.

We are working on the launch of a service for freelancers called Freelance Poole, which will help us source good freelance partners and suppliers to manage more projects, provide a diverse and quality service and become increasingly efficient and deadline-driven. Graphic designers will be able to apply and claim projects they are qualified and interested in. LMP will manage projects for our clients in various industries, many of whom need graphic design services and other marketing and advertising consultation.

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