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  • Posted on: 2 December 2016
  • By: LMP
Lawson Media & Publishing works with companies, such as attorneys, in Southern Minnesota to develop SEO and digital marketing strategy.

We are based in Southern Minnesota and work locally in the Twin Cities, Greater Mankato and Rochester areas. We can develop custom digital marketing strategies for your small or midsize business in the realm of social media, print media (and integration with digital), online media, ecommerce and content marketing, including pagerank and SEO development. Our experts can assist with social media and digital advertising campaigns for your business. We work with media placement agencies as well to target specific audience demographics and social/search results based methods.

Social Media Digital Marketing
Southern Minnesota is a hive of social media, like many urbanized communities across the country, with its own unique population centers with rich culture and traditions, colloquialisms and manners, shared in real-time among one another in their preferred social media community: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, etc. Manage social data with reports, create a plan for social media and use custom external channels and links from the Lawson Media & Publishing digital media and advertising network to propel your content across those cultural colonies. Get insights into your audience and engage across more social networks in real time using tools for automation.

SEO, Pagerank, Backlinks and Content Marketing
The process for simultaneously building a digital brand and creating awareness through technical means starts with the proper consulting from the right network. LMP has the resources, expertise and network of affiliates and partners to take on nearly any project for your Southern Minnesota business when it comes to digital marketing. This includes copywriting, content strategy/development, brand development, cross channel digital content building, link building, keyword strategy, content editing, design (user experience) and audience targeting.

Integration of Print and Digital and Implementation of New Tools and Techniques
At Southern Minnesota-based LMP, we look forward to find the best solutions and trends in the industry of digital publishing, marketing, advertising, networking and community development. Find your roadmap to digital marketing success using the solutions provided by our experts in IT, media production and publishing. The power of a pioneering network can help your business generate new streams of revenue and even better manage existing customer relationships. Beyond press release writing, email marketing, web design, print media, social media management, SEO and other services we offer, you can consult with us on other matters of IT and technology or publishing/media production (like audio/video). Maps and online directories for businesses are also good examples.

There are other technologies worth thinking about for helping develop your business goals, including marketing, sales, human resources, accounting, printing, sign production, document processing, data entry, apps for smartphones and tablets, computer software, security (including surveillance and antispyware/virus) and other projects that LMP can provide consulting on. We manage projects and develop solutions for our clients in Southern Minnesota including Mankato area, Rochester area and the Twin Cities metro area. We also work freelance as a distance workforce solution for digital communication and project management. Also purchase products on the LMP Store for your small business in MN.

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