Sign Replacement in Mankato, MN for A & T Auto Repair

  • Posted on: 28 May 2016
  • By: LMP
Painted business sign without clear coat

LMP recently replaced and repaired a sign in Mankato for A & T Auto Repair and Used Auto Sales with a painted sign that will last longer than vinyl letters for the business sign through the harsh and precipitous weather and hot and cold temperatures of Minnesota.

If you're looking to get your sign repaired in Southern Minnesota or the Mankato area, you can easily have the sign company that installed come provide maintenance and repair your business sign. You can also choose to have it painted with several coats of industrial paint and clear coat to protect it. You can even add a layer of vinyl or plastic under the clear coat.

Business sign in Mankato near entrance in need of repair. The letters are not visible on this black sign. Images by LMP.
The design previously existed from a local sign shop. We simply removed the brittle, cracked, faded and weather damaged vinyl graphics and letters on the sign. You couldn't read it at all and the silver chrome, red and yellow colors were no longer visible to anyone. It was just a black eyesore facing the busy Riverfront Dr. traffic. LMP transformed the sign into an old-fashioned style textured painted sign with bold and bright colors with a border and glossy clear coat.

southern mn sign marketingsigns and graphics in southern mn
LMP also provided the USED CAR SALES sign on the boulevard installed underneath the main A & T Auto Repair post and panel sign facing the traffic seen here in the distance of the lot. This photo is from the Facebook page we developed, designed and currently manage for the business in Mankato, MN. The vinyl letters were printed thanks to a service provider we work with in Mankato named Ethan Schweitzer, CEO of Swizz Apparel and Graphics, whom also helped us with graphic design for Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture and other marketing and media projects.

LMP provides printing and print media services including sign design and printing, flyers, posters, graphics, graphic design, desktop publishing, brochures, advertising, print marketing, business cards and more. Call LMP in Southern MN for more information about print media, business signs and design/production requirements. Upload your files to print on demand and have your product shipped directly to your home or office. Click here to learn more.

LMP also provided A & T Auto with professional photos and a Facebook page.

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