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  • Posted on: 11 June 2016
  • By: LMP
Example: Southern MN Web Developer Google Map and Business Listing to Increase Page Rank and SEO with Map Marketing

Get your website seen by more visitors through marketing, advertising, networking and SEO/page ranking services from Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP). We can consult with you on using Maps to improve your website or mobile website design and online Internet marketing strategy.

Reference the photo in this example and read more about how to implement our web design and content services. Benefit from using Google Maps to to reap these rewards in the following ways:

SEO and Page Rank
One quick or subtle way to be included in Google (or Bing, etc.) search results is through their maps system. All sorts of custom maps can be made that link to your business or make reference to it. When Google runs its search for a term such as "Southern MN Web Developer", there are organic search results, paid search results (ads) and search results from Google's other search engine algorithms for things like maps, shopping, videos, news, Google+ posts, etc. It also indexes businesses in its Google Places (business listing on Google) database, which are categorized in taxonomy terms as shown in the example. Website designer is listed as the category and there is a briefcase icon indicated on the map shown to the right.

Networking and Lead Generation
Sharing maps on social media can help improve your search and social media marketing efforts. You can also use interactive maps to locate events, where you can market your products or services and your website. There are meetups happening on Google. Rob Lawson is a contributor to the Google Guides program. Lawson and LMP, as well as its digital network properties, are also YouTube partners, so you can show up in video search results as well as part of your website, mobile or blog content (Google also assesses web content on whether it is mobile optimized). You can also get referrals by sharing your map with others in your network or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Maps and Content Marketing
Maps are often used by online media and news outlets, so use them in your P.R. or create custom interactive maps to send to your contacts. Those maps can be shared on popular articles, which can be re-shared on social media and linked back to your site or blog. Also, be sure to use maps in your own articles and blog posts to enhance, SEO/page rank value and user experience with great UI/UX principles of design and information design or information design theory.

Resources for Digital Marketing
If you need digital marketing, media IT, web design, SEO/page rank, design (UI/UX, graphics, logos, forms, etc.), ecommerce, writing/editing content for websites/mobile, social media management or custom advertising then consult with LMP in Southern Minnesota (Mankato/Twin Cities location). Our content network can help boost your small business to the top of search engines and link your business or brand to the right audiences. Call us at the phone number at the top of this page to get started.

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