Southern Minnesota Digital Marketing Strategies, Advertising and Website Design

  • Posted on: 16 January 2016
  • By: LMP
A fully integrated SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy in Southern Minnesota from LMP, Rosi Back Designs and Augabout Consulting.

Lawson Media & Publishing has teamed up with Augabout Consulting, Rosi Back Designs and other freelance professionals and independent firms to develop custom marketing and website packages for small and midsize businesses in Southern Minnesota, the Twin Cities and other regions. LMP already serves clients nationwide and internationally, but the company's expertise in networking has enabled it to create strategically positioned partnerships in local communities such as Mankato, Saint Peter, Le Sueur, Shakopee, Prior Lake, Savage, Burnsville, Lakeville, Minneapolis, Plymouth, New Brighton, Bloomington, New Ulm, Nicollet, Eagle Lake, Lake Crystal, Janesville, Waseca, Owatonna, Rochester, Albert Lea, Austin and several other communities large and small in Southern and Metro regions of the state. LMP works with these groups to produce custom website design, mobile website design, print/digital marketing and advertising, app development, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

Southern Minnesota Web Design and Development
Look no further than LMP and its professional network for website design, graphic design and development for websites and mobile websites. We can create new, update existing or modify existing websites in a variety of ways, using a variety of tools for content management, programming, ecommerce, responsive design, reverse responsive design, project management and more. LMP can work with Drupal sites, WordPress sites, Weebly sites, WIX sites, Dreamweaver sites, HTML sites, Joomla sites, Concrete sites and more. We can also work with nearly any proprietary software, but if you're looking into a streamlined mobile optimized website with SEO to build traffic and generate more leads/sales, then consider LMP. LMP's partnership with Rosi Back Designs and Augabout Consulting means you will get a complete package, with specialists dedicated to your site in each specific area. Augabout's specialty is mobile optimized websites in Southern Minnesota by Dave Aug and Rosi Back is a graphic design guru, specializing in WordPress websites in Southern Minnesota. Rob Lawson is a Drupal website wizard and SEO ninja with several years of experience in copywriting, blogging, content development and digital marketing.

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SEO and Mobile Optimized Websites
These are two terms that you may have already heard others use in their pitches to sell you similar services. Here's the major difference between those cookie cutter companies and our custom solutions for small and midsize businesses in Southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities. We are not shareholder driven. We are partner based. This means our network of the most talented specialists can each efficiently work on individual dedicated parts of your site. For example, in a typical scenario, your website design assets for graphics, logos, typography, color, images, photos, etc. would be handled by Rosi Back Designs. The mobile website for your site's redirect (to display on phones/tablets/mobile devices rather than a desktop/laptop) would be handled by Dave Aug from Augabout Consulting. For SEO, content development and advertising, Rob Lawson would be your guy. Our partnerships allow us to offer quality custom packages at the most affordable rates, beating out large organizations for both effectiveness and price. It will help boost your page rank to number one on Google for your Southern Minnesota or Twin Cities business and it will establish your brand's reputation online. Paying several thousand dollars per year for a company to place your company in directories and select keywords is not ideal. You need to accomplish more to get ranked number one in search engines. You need a usable website, with good navigation structure, optimized and updateable content (and streams of it) with back links from quality publishers online. Online advertising such as display advertising, search advertising and social media ads also help build traffic and loyalty.

Importance of Social Media
Studies have shown that a majority of millennials now get nearly all their news from social media feeds such as Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and numerous others. Social media has also now become part of the SEO jumble, building traffic from links in posts and so forth. Social media also builds brand advocacy. Sharing the right content at the right time means reaching the most possible people and the right type of demographic for your business. Social media advertising is now a very valuable tool, especially for local businesses in Southern Minnesota. A well planned social media campaign that is tied to the SEO efforts and content development process will ensure a unique but consistent customer experience across all channels. Video, images and photos can also be integral to engagement. Research shows that posts with these elements usually perform much better. LMP's network in social media is vast and those connections, in addition to your own and new ones, will catapult your company and your brand to new heights.

Analytics and Reports
Along with reports generated from social media campaigns, you can also track your website traffic, perform an SEO audit and generate reports from your ads and other metrics from your website.

Contact LMP at 612-460-5851 to learn more about custom SEO, website design and digital marketing packages that will help your Southern Minnesota or Twin Cities business reach the first page of Google and create more customer engagement.

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