LMP Helps FoodNiche Improve its Social Network with Awareness, SEO and Content Marketing

  • Posted on: 5 January 2016
  • By: LMP
FoodNiche Homepage

FoodNiche.me is an online food social media platform that connects food consumers/enthusiasts, professional chefs, meal planners, nutritionists and others to discuss food and nutrition. It has been called the "LinkedIn for food." The company sought to expand its reach into the public using a combination of search engine (SEO) and social media optimization with content marketing services from Lawson Media & Publishing, a Minnesota-based media, marketing and IT project management company located near Mankato and the Twin Cities. LMP created a content plan that fit well with the brand, aligning the company with the right group of consumers.

Providing Articles and Press Releases
FoodNiche has hired us on numerous occasions to produce content using our expert copywriting service that incorporates SEO tactics and strategies such as keyword optimization (proper density within content), service journalism and 100 percent original content.

They wanted to use the content in two ways. First, they wanted a general press release document they could send to their own press contacts. Based on the specifications and details within the information, we were able to craft the content for them within a couple of days or less each time. Secondly, FoodNiche wanted to leverage our network of sites to publish variations of the content to provide back links to their site, to promote their site and events and to boost page rank and SEO value of their website, FoodNiche.me.

We were happy to work with the social media startup and help them expand awareness of their brand and service to the foodie, consumer and health care community. We also helped them send press releases to our network of contacts in the technology, food, media and publishing industries.

Leverage of our publisher network
We targeted the FoodNiche audience by supplying variations of content across multiple channels that were relevant to their mission and demographics. We published articles on 5 newspapers and tourism guides, an arts and culture magazine website, a national independent news website and on LinkedIn. These sponsored posts will effectively build back links with authoritative and reputable sites with relevant useful content. The posts were all shared to the respective publications' Facebook and Twitter pages.

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