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  • Posted on: 9 March 2017
  • By: LMP

Are you looking for a brand marketing and digital media expert in Southern Minnesota? The Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP) network offers a variety of core benefits to small and midsize businesses (SMBs), franchises/franchisees, corporate enterprises and even freelance individual entrepreneurs. LMP built its brand on a solid foundation of understanding both technical and creative aspects of communications. LMP is a media, publishing and information technology company located in Mankato with a presence in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities metro area and partner agencies, freelancers and companies in all parts of the globe as well as regionally in the Rochester metro and other areas.

Start Your Business
This is the first step toward building what will eventually become a brand with actual branding and creative standards. First, you will need to start your engines, roll up your sleeves, get ready for action, and so it goes. Once you are successful at creating a business plan and implementing it, you must consider your vision for the future of your business. How will you market your product/service/membership/etc? What social media tools, tips and tricks will you need to succeed? How much should you invest in each type of medium? What about web design and SEO?

Grow Your Brand
As your business grows and you develop an idea of what path you are on, you will also (or at least should) develop a sense for your identity as a business, entrepreneur, etc. Branding is about consistency. Make the most of your strengths and identify what you share with your customers to connect with them on a personal level. What makes your business special to your customers? Who are your customers? What is your "vibe"? What about customer experience? What about logos, typography, structural elements, color, etc.? What is your theme or motif? This is where it gets tricky.

You might be great at what you do and know a lot about your field of expertise, from sales to service and everything in between. However, if you are not talented with visual arts, marketing, design or communication strategy in print, digital, broadcast and social media, then you will need to seek the advice of a brand consultant or media agency with the right tools, resources and expertise in creative and technical aspects of communications and marketing. The LMP network is a great starting point to launch your brand campaign.

Brand Audit and Creative Brief
LMP works with consultants like Dave Aug, who can perform a brand audit to identify many of the unanswered questions above with precision guidance and knowledge of business/sales strategy as well. LMP looks for the best talent for its media and project management services. Combined with its division of news, information and entertainment media channels within the network, your Southern Minnesota or Twin Cities area business can reap the rewards in the form of website advertising, SEO, social media, digital audio/video, events, print media, press releases, articles/blogs and more. LMP can provide editorial and content marketing services including website copywriting that will reinforce the creative message of your brand to your customers, ensuring a consistent, clear, concise and important message each time. A custom SEO or advertising plan will help nurture and develop your company's brand and its following, securing more advocates of your product or service.

Call LMP to discuss the various options for brand development and enhancement through the LMP network marketing and information solution.

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