Beta Launch of eSellerSocial Social Media Ecommerce Platform for Small Businesses

  • Posted on: 30 March 2017
  • By: LMP
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MANKATO — Lawson Media & Publishing, based in Southern Minnesota, announces the beta mode release of eSellerSocial, a social media ecommerce solution for small businesses and home based entrepreneurs/retailers in the United States.

Digital marketing in the form of social media posts announcing a general sale are fine and dandy, but they likely don't produce real great results, but you figure hey, it's free so why not. Then you try out paid advertising and people get annoyed with "spam" or disregard it because it's "just another ad," which is a reality now online and on mobile devices. Companies claim they can boost results using social media, but after thousands of dollars and little support or tangible evidence of such claims, the company that provided the service no longer exists and have gone out of business like countless others. You simply don't have time to promote the products online yourself and run your day to day business. That's where eSellerSocial provides the best service that takes all of the above into account.

The eSellerSocial platform works by generating content in groups online that are already interesting in buying products of that type or in your geographic area. An agent that runs their own eSellerSocial territory will post the items collected from their client businesses in the local area or region. All of the social media access points and links are available to them to either automate or streamline the content production process. From the point their client gets them photos and descriptions of the item to the time a post is shared across several networks in real time in succession. This is your sales and marketing team on auto-pilot.

This works better than other solutions because it is similar to search engine optimizations (SEO), in that you are putting yourself right in front of where people already are looking for your product/service. In terms of SEO, you build content to appear high in search results on Google/Bing/Yahoo/MSN/Ask so people looking for that particular item of interest can find it offered by you (as opposed to your competitors). With eSellerSocial, your products are put right in front of users with a specific interest in your items and the agent drives those prospects and leads right to your business, or online shop if you are a home-based business or use ecommerce to deliver products to your customers.

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Select plans that start from $100 up to $1,000 based on your specific inventory and marketing needs. More information can be found by visiting the platform website, which is securely hosted at Go to the eSellerSocial website by clicking here.

The eSellerSocial platform is service of Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP) in Southern Minnesota. LMP is a media and technology services company and information distribution and publishing service. To get started with an account at eSellerSocial for an online sales team working for your business, call 612-460-5851. The eSellerSocial service uses a form that allows you to submit your products to the eSellerSocial agents in your territory.

Interested in owning a territory? Visit the bottom of the page and click the link that refers to the ResellerSocial program at eSellerSocial.

LMP and eSellerSocial are based in Mankato, MN.

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