Digital Marketing Firm in Minnesota Emphasizes SEO and User Experience

  • Posted on: 1 November 2015
  • By: LMP
SEO, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Firm in Minnesota

How much are you investing in your marketing strategy? Take that question critically, and think about it in terms of more than just money. How much effort and time are you investing in digital marketing in Minnesota, the United States or wherever your marketplace is? Companies are looking at their strategies to figure out where to cut spending, how to streamline effective digital marketing practices and testing other methods to discover what works and what doesn't work to reach their target potential customers, instigating a visit, then converting them to actual paying customers. From lead generation and prospecting to final close of the sale and delivery, LMP can help drive the dialog and interaction between business and consumer. The company is a full service digital marketing firm in Minnesota.

Top Marketing Firms Know SEO and UX
"SEO and user experience are central to this company's philosophy behind great business marketing online," said Rob Lawson, LMP's senior media specialist, publisher and IT project manager. "Our digital marketing firm in Minnesota works with clients locally and across the globe by helping to manage information both 'behind the scenes' as well as customer facing. Essentially, we are tailoring our content marketing efforts individually with each business to effectively meet their goals regarding marketing budget and deadline."

LMP does this by laying out a proposal to each client that includes a timeline, a summary of work performed and the cost for performing that work or sub-contracting part of it to LMP's network of Freelance Pool designers, writers, developers, programmers, marketers, social media managers, editors, etc. For each project, Lawson says the central focus is usually directly linked to user experience (UX) and SEO in some way. This is what Lawson was referring to in terms of the "behind the scenes as well as customer facing" digital marketing campaigns. Behind the scenes is the tagging of content, editing meta information, back links, cross promotional activity (such as sponsored posts and brand mentions), image descriptions, taxonomy, etc. The customer facing, or front facing, part refers to websites, landing pages, articles, blog posts, graphic design elements, social media promotion, forms, video and interactive elements such as web apps and the like. LMP's digital marketing firm in Minnesota provides results to companies large and small through content marketing and design elements that drive both traffic and engagement.

"What any marketer needs to understand is that you have to constantly drive the conversation through original information gathering, sharing, presentation and editing," Lawson added. "To do this, you must engage in proper SEO practices and UX practices."

SEO Behind the Scenes
For SEO, much of the work is dedicated to driving traffic and getting users to view or engage with the content in some way. The LMP digital marketing firm in Minnesota provides a writing, editing and content auditing service that analyzes web content for consistency in taxonomy, site structure, tags, content originality/quality, keyword optimization, link activity, social media awareness and advertising campaigns.

LMP provides custom packages for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) as well as enterprise solutions to jumpstart content development, digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). LMP provides articles, blog posts, social media management, digital advertising, ad management (CPC/CPM/metrics), product description writing, ecommerce writing/editing, content auditing, ghostwriting, sponsored posts from its publishing network and content rewriting.

User Experience and Interaction Complements SEO Efforts
The role of any UI or UX expert is to provide a front-end environment for the customer that helps them smoothly solve a problem or engage in an experience in some way. While SEO is a great tool to drive traffic to the site by getting great ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo or MSN, the user will quickly leave the web page they landed on if they get frustrated by poor navigation or poor design. Poor design can also have the effect of damaging a business's reputation. Users might think they are unprofessional if the appearance seems so. In other words, the experience must be just as good as the pitch.

Great eye-catching design, sensible structures, clean spaces, quick load times, easy information architecture and symmetry all help a web site, mobile application, social media page, bio or seller profile stand out and create a memorable, enjoyable, comfortable or fun user experience. If you are looking for a digital marketing firm in Minnesota or virtual service for your company anywhere else in the United States, Canada or Earth that can provide your company with results, call LMP at 612-460-5851 to learn more and receive a free phone consultation.

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