Professional Content Management and Content Strategy - Semi Pro Football Team

  • Posted on: 11 June 2016
  • By: LMP
Content Management and Content Strategy for Sports Teams

The Minnesota Brawlers partnered with Lawson Media & Publishing to promote their team through the use of video. The team plans a streaming network in the future. Here are some ways the team benefited from content strategy on our channels and content management on their own website, social media and video channels.

Video content

As part of the NEFL league rules, each team must shoot video at every game. We not only shot the video, we shared and promoted across a large network of websites and social media channels. We created a YouTube channel for the team to broadcast their complete games in pro broadcast quality HD video.

Web Content

LMP managed content on the team's official website and their blog. We also created, managed, distributed and shared content across news, information and entertainment websites, newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other media in our network in Southern Minnesota, Mankato and the Twin Cities including the Mankato Gazette, Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture and Zoom Village. We can manage content in a variety of ways for local small and midsize businesses.

Advertising Sponsorship and Brand Marketing

We helped the Brawlers build in a custom advertising package into their team business to promote and raise funds for the team. Part of that package involved creating a custom designed brochure, utilizing one of our top notch graphic designers in the Mankato, MN area, who created a tri-fold brochure to print from a PDF file. The team was able to get local businesses to sponsor the team, such as Bicker Inn and Madelia Insurance among others. LMP has newspaper, magazine, tourist guide, social media page, video channel and other types of networks that support self-serve advertising in local markets in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Social Media

Brawler content was shared across the entire network of LMP social media pages, including those for the team and those for LMP's newspapers/magazines, newsletters, websites, etc. We shared and created events, ticket info, merchandise info, schedule, video from each game, news stories, promotions and more.

Community Development

Robert Lawson, in a LinkedIn post found here, explained how the team developed professionally and personally by working to develop ties to non-profit groups like the United Way for common community causes. Local businesses took notice too. These networking and development opportunities are important for organizations seize upon. Read his post entitled, "Community Inspiration to Achieve Goals - Minnesota Brawlers Football Sponsorship".

Press, Communications and Public Relations

We also helped the Brawlers by working with local outlets like KEYC TV, who also partnered with the team. They also covered games in the news, sports segment. We also sent press releases to other local news outlets in Southern Minnesota, Greater Mankato and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul and Suburban Metro) areas using email marketing software to round out the content strategy, marketing and development.

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