Southern Minnesota Social Media + Ecommerce Case Study: A & T Auto

  • Posted on: 31 March 2017
  • By: LMP
Southern Minnesota and Twin Cities For Sale group on Facebook Groups courtesy eSellerSocial.

MANKATO — Southern Minnesota Twin Cities For Sale Group listed vehicles for A & T Auto one day after eSellerSocial, LMP's social media ecommerce platform solution for small product selling businesses, launched in beta mode.

Already the service is doing its job sending leads to the used car dealership in Mankato. A & T Auto sells used compact cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), light trucks and pickups, vans and other used automobiles at his lot at 114 E. Vine Street.

Tam Luong, owner of A & T Auto in Mankato, previously hired LMP for basic website design and blog services using Google's basic services (no domain). LMP also help Luong get premium business cards and designs as well as a hand-painted sign in front of the shop. Additionally, LMP worked to make sure Google Maps was updated and his business claimed. His ratings are excellent and many people find his business easily on Google.

Luong sells cars and is a mechanic and has little use for traditional ecommerce services. The fees on Craigslist and eBay make them unattractive online sales options for his small used car dealership operation as well. Instead, A & T Auto contracted LMP to solve the problem using social media. LMP created a Facebook page with panoramic high quality digital photos of the lot and mechanic garage. Cars for sale were posted on the wall. A relative of Luong helped with other social media accounts.

Now, Loung's operation has moved to LMP's social ecommerce solutions, eSellerSocial, which provides a streamlined approach to producing leads: interested parties looking for that specific vehicle. The eSellerSocial platform drives leads to the small business affordably. It integrates with their Facebook page and other social media channels as well.

If you are looking for a social media sales solution, check out After registering, you will be able to get your items efficiently routed through targeted for sale groups like the one below in Southern Minnesota and other web pages and applications via social media and mobile technology.

If you are interested in shopping or selling items as a small business in Southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities, join this group: Southern Minnesota and Twin Cities For Sale.

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